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plus the police promptly believe it absolutely was Hank. Hank ultimately succeeds in taking him down by blackmailing him Using the imprint on his bruise staying a great match for Willie's Dallas Cowboys ring.

Badass Native: John Redcorn, when he serves as frontman for a significant metal band. This really is subverted in the same episode when he decides instead to Participate in kid's new music.

Fag Hag: Monthly bill pretends to get gay so as to do the job at a hip salon, and every one of the women fawn above him. When it's uncovered that he isn't gay:

Truth Ensues: The tip of "Cops and Roberts" has Hank last but not least get Barry Rollins to quiet down so he can clarify that he mistakenly took the dude's wallet and The full factor was just a straightforward misunderstanding, which he apologizes for.

"The Perils of Polling" facilities across the 2000 presidential election. Hank faces a crisis of conscience soon after obtaining out that his hero, George W. Bush, includes a weak handshake.

Erotic Desire: Hank provides a series of them about Nancy, which squicks him out, until eventually he realizes the desires had been more details on him remaining at peace while he grills burgers and have nothing to do with getting sexual.

to here Monthly bill's despair, he has a tendency to regard it for a nuisance rather than a serious problem. When Bill gets suicidal, Hank waits for him to "snap from it," and at some point blows up in anger at him.

Dale essentially normally appears to get 1, Regardless that his Serious paranoia and tendency to panic and overreact can Commonly make him appear to be The Ditz. He'll usually deal with to devise incredibly economical alternatives (naturally, as a rule, They are really answers to problems which he

From the pilot, Hank attempts to unbolt the alternator, but Dale transfer The sunshine as well as the wrench slips off. The hood then collapses on him for no clear purpose.

Do Improper, Correct: Hank catches Bobby smoking and punishes him by making him smoke the whole carton right up until he pukes. But in the punishment, he also feels compelled to right Bobby's smoking method: "Whatsoever you are doing you should do suitable, even though It really is a little something Erroneous."

In "Father on the Bribe", Bobby and Connie faux to break up as a way to screw with Kahn (who hates their romance). Connie flunks a take a look at, professing which the break-up distracted her, and The varsity catches her passing a Be aware and assumes she's suicidal.

Hank typically introducing himself as being the assistant manager of Strickland Propane, even if It can be irrelevant to your discussion.

Hank: You are just utilizing this head as a crutch. Bobby: It isn't really a crutch, Father. It really is some thing I have come to depend on to help me as a result of lifetime.

inside the episode "Jumpin' Crack Bass." Hank tends to make an honest (if remarkably circumstantial) mistake in purchasing crack thinking it was fishing bait. No person

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